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Department of Psychology

2020 Virtual Recognition Ceremony

Because of efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus the University of Kansas postponed the May 2020 Graduation ceremony until later in the year. Similarly, the Psychology Department postponed our Recognition Ceremony for graduating PSYC seniors (hopefully to coincide with the university-wide events once those dates are set).

Although you, your family and friends, and the faculty and staff in the department are not able to celebrate your accomplishments in person in May, we would still like to give you the opportunity to share with others this milestone in your life.

In the typical Recognition Ceremony, there are inspiring speeches (I hope they are anyway) from me and a student speaker. Then we read the names of the attending seniors who walk across the stage, shake my hand (an obvious no-no now), get a certificate, and if applicable receive a Distinction or Highest Distinction cord.

Instead of getting just a few seconds of “fame” as you walk across the stage in the Recognition Ceremony (sometimes with your name mispronounced) we’re giving all of you the opportunity to brag about your accomplishments and share your memories of your time at KU for more than just a few seconds via this virtual recognition ceremony. Below is a list of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience students graduating in 2020 with links to their fun recollections of their years at KU, most valued accomplishments, serious thoughts about how life has and will change, and some things I just can’t explain. We've also included a list with links for the graduate students who earned their Doctorate degree, as well as messages from the faculty, instructors, and advisors in the "stage party" that usually sits on stage during the ceremony in their grand regalia.   --Prof. Michael Vitevitch, Chair


We give you the graduating Psychology students of 2020!

Pomp & Circumstance


Undergraduate Class of 2020

Haya Abbas

Arman Ahmad Alhosseini

Quinn Marie Austin

Natalie Babich

Elsey L. Barnhart

Elianna Bernstein

Maya Bluitt

Kali Gabrielle Boydston

Shelby Brand

Morgan Mary Buoy

Karina Camacho

Kirstie E. Camp

McKenzie Leigh Campbell

Hannah Chadwick

Kiara Clark

Marti Ally Collantes

Haley Michelle Cooper

Sonali Desai

Corey Logan Drake

Autumn Ely

Kaylin Ervay

Bailey M. Forrester-Kernes

Sadra Sayed Gerami

Sydnie Germany

Julianne Marie Godchaux-Linneman

Elizabeth D. Grines

Madisen Huscher

Hannah H. Keller

Aisha Khan

Margaret Elizabeth Kilday

Kyra Larson

Mackenzie Lawrence

Emily Lekan

Dongyu Li

Estelle Lu

Katherine McGaughey

Alexis McGhee-Dinvaut

Alicen J. Meysing

Sofía Mildrum Chana

Gage A. Miller

Sydney Mortensen

Hollie Ann Christine Mullin

Danielle Mullins

Isabella R. Nardi

Logan Norris

Hayley Olson

Ashleigh Cheray Pulaski

Tristen Rand

Ashley Ries

Orlando Rucker

Natasha Ruiz-Flores

Ariadna Sandoval

Emily Sattem

Samantha Schechter

Mikayla N. Schmitz

Payeton Sellon

Jackson Smith

Emily Snider

Taylor Sorensen

Reese Spangler

Christa K. Stenzel

Julie Thornburgh

Shelbi Todd

Lacey Wellemeyer

Hailey Winslow

Bryan David Woodson

Dominique Yea

Sidney Zavala


Graduate Students

Parnia Haj-Mohamadi

Timothy Lee

Esmeralda Valdivieso

Erik Wing

Ashleigh Victoria Tran Wise


Stage Party

Elizabeth (Liz) Barton, Senior Academic Advisor Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience (S-Z)

Prof. Monica Biernat

Prof. Nyla Branscombe

Prof. Chris Crandall

Denise Farmer, Assistant Director, College Outreach and Online Programs

Prof. Kelsie Forbush

Prof. Omri Gillath

Prof. Omar Gudiño

Taylor Hanna-Peterson, Academic Advisor Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience (A-H)

Kirsten Hermreck, Graduate Academic Advisor

Ben Herron, Academic Advisor Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience (Edwards Campus)

Smana Hitt, Course Scheduling Officer & Administrative Assistant

Prof. Steve Ilardi

Kirsten Lanpher, Academic Advisor Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience (I-R)

Prof. Susan Marshall

Prof. Charlene Muehlenhard [Graduation Wishes pdf or PPT]

Prof. Tim Pleskac

Prof. Michael S. Vitevitch, Department Chair

Prof. Alexander Williams


Alma Mater

Alma Mater (the Phi Mu Alpha Xi Chapter social distancing version)

Alma Mater (the Spring 2020 KU Wind Ensemble social distancing version)