Charlotte Moser

Charlotte Moser
  • Graduate Student

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Advisor: Dr. Nyla Branscombe 

Research Lab: Branscombe Lab

Research Interests: Broadly, I study intergroup relations, gender, and allyship. I am particularly interested in how allyship from dominant group members can aid women’s retention and advancement in underrepresented, male-dominated fields. I also study the ways in which to foster solidarity between groups of unequal social status, focusing particularly on the antecedents and motivations for men’s involvement in gender equality. Lastly, I study whether allies impact the perceptions and efficacy of confrontations against sexism from both ingroup and outgroup members.


B.S. in Psychology, Iowa State University, 2017
B.S. in Sociology, Iowa State University, 2017
M.A. in Psychology, University of Kansas, 2019