James Adaryukov

James Adaryukov
  • Graduate Student

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Advisor: Dr. Tim Pleskac
Research Lab: KU Behavioral Sciences Lab

I am a Psychology PhD student at the University of Kansas interested in examining how people rely on social information to decide whether to engage in health-protective behaviors; how graduate admissions committees incorporate verbal and numeric information in deciding who to admit; and how prior experiences influence an individual’s decision between risky and safe propositions of reward.


B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience, Florida Atlantic University, 2019
M.S. in Psychology (Brain, Behavior, and Quantitative Sciences), University of Kansas, 2023, Lawrence, Kansas


I am interested in how people incorporate information from their environment in making decisions. To answer these questions, I primarily utilize statistical modeling and big data analysis, including natural language processing, policy capture and lens modeling, geometric modeling, and classification models such as Random Forests.

Awards & Honors

Chancellor's Doctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas, 2020-2025