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Department Research Labs

Behavioral Health Research Group

We seek to better understand substance misuse and other health-compromising behaviors, and to develop novel approaches to address negative health outcomes.

BRANCH Lab (Aging Lab)

The mission of our lab is to promote healthy lifestyles as people age. Our research projects and community outreach are centered on ways to increase physical activity and reduce risk of disease and cognitive decline that may occur with advancing age.


Our mission is to improve the way eating disorders are assessed, diagnosed, and treated through cutting edge methods and research.

Close Relationships Interest Group

The main goal of CRIG is to develop a community that concentrates expertise and resources relevant to the study of close relationships here at KU (and in its surrounding area).

Cognitive-Clinical Lab

Our research focuses mainly on the cognitive causes, correlates, and origins of depression. Understanding anxiety-linked processes has also been the aim of some of our research.

Cultural Psychology Research Group (CPRG)

The Cultural Psychology Research Group is a community of scholars and researchers who are broadly interested in the idea of “mind in context” (CPRG)

Hamilton Health Lab

The lab focuses on research related to sleep, chronic pain, and other health behaviors in college students and adults.

Health Behavior and Technology Lab

Our lab conducts research on topics at the intersection of addiction, obesity, and eating disorders. Specifically, our work is focused on reinforcement processes that drive reward-seeking behaviors, which may present risks to long term health.


Inspired by perspectives in experimental existential psychology, we study how deep-seated existential concerns fuel people's efforts to make meaningful sense of the social world and their own lives.

Memory and Development Lab (MADlab)

We conduct research on how memory and cognitive development in children, adolescents and adults.

Sexuality Research Lab

This lab focuses on sexuality. Research topics include sexual consent, sexual coercion, ambivalence about sex, the meanings that people assign to sexual activity, etc. We welcome undergraduates who want to help with these studies.

Spoken Language Laboratory

In the Spoken Language Laboratory (SLL) we examine how information pertaining to words is stored in memory and how the organization of those words in memory enables us to access that information so quickly and accurately.

Stereotyping and Social Judgment Lab

This lab's research points to the complex ways that stereotypes affect social judgment, and suggests that individual targets of judgments may sometimes receive contradictory feedback.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)