Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Advising

Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Advising

We hope that the information below will help you plan for and participate in enrollment advising for the upcoming semester. First, we’d like to introduce our advising team:

 Psychology Advising Assignments - Students declaring in Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience (Lawrence campus):

All Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience majors should schedule their advising appointments through Jayhawk GPS or by calling 785-864-3500 Monday- Friday from 8AM-5PM. Click the link and log in on the right side, and then select Academic Advising → General Advising → Enrollment/Holds → College Academic Student Services. Select "Enrollment/Holds"for the appointment type, as we cannot schedule 1-hour appointments to create graduation plans during main advising to ensure that we can accommodate everyone who'd like to meet.

Also note that if you don't see any availability during the week, please check the next week as advisors may be booked out 1-2 weeks.

Please prepare for your advising meeting by reviewing the Advising Appointment Checklist, your Degree Progress Report (DPR), and the Course Offerings for that semester. 

If you do not yet have an assigned Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience advisor, contact the College Advising office at 785-864-3500 to schedule. We look forward to meeting you!

What Psychology Undergraduate Advisors can help with:

  • Choosing and enrolling in classes
  • Creating a Graduation Plan
  • Referals to Campus Resources
  • Assisting with questions on Major Requirements
  • Giving recomendations for KU Core Classes
  • Advising for Pre-Health and Pre-Law
  • Getting involved in the Department

Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience Course & Enrollment Updates

Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor requires the following. For more information, see the catalog.

  • PSYC 104
  • PSYC 318/333/350/360/370/375/380 (Choose One)
  • PSYC 318/333/350/360/370/375/380 (Choose One)
  • PSYC 300+ (Any PSYC Course 300 or Higher)
  • PSYC 300+ (Any PSYC Course 300 or Higher)
  • PSYC 100+ (Any PSYC Course)
  • Total of 18 hours

PSYC 480/ Independent Study

Please visit the Psychology Undergraduate Research page for more information about Psychology Independent Study (PSYC 480). PSYC 480 is NOT required for a Psychology BA/BGS/Minor.

PSYC 460/ Psychology Honors

Please visit the Psychology Honors page for more information about Psychology Honors (PSYC 460). Contact the Psychology Department Chair or your advisor if interested/for additional information.

Behavioral Neuroscience Electives & Quantitative Courses

Please visit the Behavioral Neuroscience catalog for a list of Behavioral Neuroscience electives and quantitative courses Reach out to your advisor or check the Psychology Undergraduate Canvas page about additional semester offerings, substitutions, or recommendations.

Core Goal 6/BGS Career Prep Courses

  • PSYC BA/BGS. There is no built in Core Goal 6, so please take anything that fulfills the requirement. See here for a list of options.
  • Behavioral Neuroscience BS. PSYC 625 (6) counts as the Core Goal 6 course.
  • PSYC BGS Career Prep Course. See here for a list of options. *Please note that you need 3 hours to complete the BGSC requirement, so it may require more than one course to receive all 3 credits.*

Courses in High Demand

Some PSYC courses are in high demand and fill quickly, especially electives/special topics that are not offered every semester. Be sure to enroll as soon as you’re able. If you have any holds, please make sure you take care of them as soon as possible, before your enrollment date.


Visit the following websites to view the most common holds and the steps to remove them to enroll for the semester:

Online Courses

For online courses, there are a certain number of seats being reserved for students completing their degree through the College Online program. Try to enroll in the course first, and if you are not able to enroll, you can add yourself to the waitlist (See here for assistance).

After a certain point, any remaining seats in the course will be given to students on the waitlist in first-come, first-serve order. There is no guarantee you will be able to enroll in the course as an on-campus student, so we would recommend a back-up plan. You also should not enroll in the in-person section of the course if available- If you are already enrolled in an in-person section of the same course, you would not be given a seat off of the waitlist as you cannot be enrolled in two sections of the same course.

More information is listed online at The College Online page.

Permission numbers

Please contact the instructor if you see “Inst Req” listed for a course and would like to request permission to enroll; normally this contact would be through email.


Read course descriptions to learn what the prerequisites are for courses on the Registrars Schedule of Classes. *Make sure the semester chosen is the correct semester* Common pre-requisites needed are:

  • PSYC 104 for all PSYC Courses
  • PSYC 200, 210 and BIOL 100 or 150 for PSYC 370/375/380
  • PSYC 360 for PSYC 465/492
  • PSYC 333 (or ABSC 160) for PSYC 535
  • PSYC 333 or 360 for PSYC 545

Sample Graduation Plans

Please visit the following websites to see sample graduation plans. We recommend using these in addition to your DPR. Please note these are NOT the only ways to complete your degree, and you may have credit counting for some of these requirements, so please check in with your advisor if you are unsure about a course.

Graduate School & Career Advice

Seniors and Graduation Candidates

For all Senior Graduation Candidates, please use the Graduation Checklist to ensure you are ready to graduate at your desired time. Visit the College Graduation website for more information.

Psychology and Business Dual Majors

  • Management & Leadership and Psychology
  • Marketing and Psychology
    • To pursue these majors, you would need to be accepted into the School of Business.
    • If double majoring is not desired, there is a Business Minor for all KU Students that you can declare.
    • Please make sure to let your Psychology advisor know as soon as possible that you are considering a Dual Major so a new graduation plan can be created for you.