Dasha Yermol

Dasha Yermal
  • Graduate Student


Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Girard

Research Lab: Affective Communication & Computing Lab


B.A. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2021


I am interested in how emotion perception is influenced by individual differences (e.g., mental health and personality), the functions of affective synchrony between interacting dyads, and differences in emotion expression due to social factors (e.g., context, social roles).

Selected Publications

Langbehn, A. T., Yermol, D. A., Zhao, F., Thorstenson, C. A., & Niedenthal, P. M. (2022). Wearing N95, Surgical, and Cloth Face Masks Compromises the Perception of Emotion. Affective Science, 3, 105-117. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42761-021-00097-z


Student Committee, Society for Affective Science