Stuart Doyle

Stuart Doyle
  • Graduate Student


Advisor: Dr. Stephen Ilardi

Research Lab: Ilardi Lab

Stuart also does work in philosophy of mind. Prior to starting the PhD program, Stuart deployed all around the world as a Force Recon Marine. He enjoys training and fighting in MMA, cooking, and oil painting.


B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior, Columbia University, 2016
M.S. in Criminology, University of Pennsylvania, 2017


Stuart's current research interests include the development of integrative multimodal treatment methodologies for depression, and measuring the effects of belief in free will.

Selected Publications

Doyle, Stuart (2022). “Free Will, Temporal Asymmetry, and Computational Undecidability,” Journal of Mind and Behavior 43 (4): 305-321.

Doyle, Stuart (2022). “Mental Weakness and the Failures of Military Psychiatry,” Journal of Mind and Behavior 43 (1): 55-65.

Doyle, Stuart (2021). “Sizing Up Free Will: The Scale of Compatibilism,” Journal of Mind and Behavior 42 (3 & 4): 271-289.